What is Political Capitalism?

Enron Corp: Political Capitalism in Action

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Energy: Lessons from Enron
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Intellectual Diversity: The Kinkaid (Houston) Challenge

Political Capitalism: A Trilogy

Book 1: Capitalism at Work: Business, Government and Energy

- Internet Appendices (52)

- Introduction

- Appendix A. The Ayn Rand Problem

- Book Reviews

Book 2: Edison to Enron: Energy Markets and Political Strategies Edison to Enron

- Internet Appendices (74)

- Chapter Notes & Bibliographies

Book 3: Enron and Ken Lay: An American Tragedy (Forthcoming: 2013)

"Fascinating, comprehensive...far surpassing my own
history of political capitalism done in the 1960s."

- Gabriel Kolko, historian and author

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